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For all booking and music enquiries contact Peter on 02 4782 7858 or at PO Box 7170, Leura NSW 2780, Australia

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Adventures in Sound and Vision
My blog site, usually devoted to music research but with added bonus of wry observation - bend your brain a little and check it out

The repository for demos and works in process

Immediate Design
My graphic design site

Ashram Poets
My side project with Greg Vincent. Our debut CD Corpios came out in 2011 with a video for the first single, Seize

Little Sparrow Studios
An amazing website by my good friend Andy Przygonski. It's a fantastic document of the music scene in Adelaide from the 1980s until now, with lots of interesting links

The Spooky Men's Chorale
The infamous Spooky Men, with whom I still perform. Check out the site, it's a good laff!

The Winstons
The power pop quartet that I play with Steve Waters, Mark Bradridge and Steve Gunning - playing the best of the 1960s through to the 2000s, of course!

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